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Should I Clean the Carpets Myself?

procc_picIn the past I have tried cleaning with my steam cleaning machine but to be honest I wasn’t that impressed with the results. However it is not that complicated either, you just need several hours of practice and you would be almost as good as any regular carpet cleaner.

Top 5 Mistakes of DIY carpet cleaning:

Procrastinating for too long

Waiting for too long is the worst thing you can do.  When the carpets are clean they act as an air filtering system, however if you do not clean them for year and a half things might get ugly.  If you have not cleaned it for too long, your guests will probably notice that there is some strange smell in the air. Moreover when the carpet gets super scruffy, the dirt particles stuck in the fibers, can damage the fabric because it cuts and tears the fibers on a micro level. If you wait for too long the effect will be noticeable and not pretty.

Treating stains the wrong way

Most professional carpet cleaners have went trough cleaning chemistry classes, but you haven’t and that is a problem. Dont rush to apply random chemicals at the new stain, first try to find a reliable source of information and look at he carpet manufacturer website for recommendations. Also keep in mind that these green-cleaner techniques don’t really work and by experimenting with them you might actually damage the carpet beyond repair.

Leaving it wet for too long

Professionals usually bring industrial dryers with them so you can start walking on your carpet immediately after the cleaners are gone.  However I really doubt that you have industrial dryer in your home. What you can do is to open doors and windows and thus improve the air flow and hasten the drying and in few hours it will be done. Be mindful that if you let the carpet wet for more than 24 hours there is a significant risk of mould development.

Over shampooing – no more is not better and definitely not cleaner

The last thing you want is to have shampoo residue on your carpet. When this happens the carpet would actually will start attracting all the dust and grime and it would get super dirty in just few weeks.  Just be careful not to put too much shampoo, less is not a problem but too much might have this terrible residual effect that can ruin your carpet.

Using treatment that only cleans the surface

Maybe you have heard of dry carpet cleaning? Well don’t use it! Any verison of it!

The only method that reliably cleans the carpet in depth is the hot water extraction method, also knows as steam carpet cleaning. It kills the bacteria and removes much more dirt than any dry treatment. The carpet cleaning machines are also important you cant achieve the highest quality results with just a home steam cleaner, you need some high end industrial equipment for that.


I would say avoid DIY cleaning and just hire profesional carpet cleaning Croydon for your piece of mind.